Sunday, 2 June 2013

The show is over!

It is Sunday 3 O'clock in the afternoon and the show is now over for u as we park the last trailer and head home.

For the cast and crew, actors, directors, sound man and most of the people, the show ended 10 O'clock last night. The cast had their after-party and as they slept off their head aches, we got out of the bed to strike the set down, clean the hall and move everything back to the warehouse.

While cast members talk about after-show blues I say, "thank goodness".

This show was a great experience for me. It gave me an appreciation for what goes into putting up a show. For me it was at the cost of one iPhone that I dropped into a water tub, one day at the hospital with a strained back and many tranquilizers and pain killers to keep my knees working.

For Protea it was at a huge expense, which we probably did not recover. The biggest cost of community theater is however the time of so many people who gave up so many hours of their time to bring you that 2 hours of joy. It was many hours of rehearsals, building sets, setting up the stage every night, packing stuff away after each show and striking it all down.

The average man or woman has no appreciation for all these hours by volunteers that it takes to put a show together.

Next time you watch a show, enjoy it, and then say a soft thank you to all those heroes who made it possible. And know, that those people appreciate it so much more if you enjoy the show. That is why we do it. For your enjoyment. That is what we get out of it. The knowing that somebody appreciated and enjoyed it.

Thank you to everybody who support their local theatre.


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