Monday, 10 June 2013

I had to say it in a song

Every day we experience many emotions. During any day, our emotions may change hundreds of times from one moment to the next. These changes in our emotions may be triggered by the people who we meet during the day.

It may be that taxi that skip over a red traffic light and barely missed you. You feel many different emotions. Anger, disgust, hate? You may decide to not allow it to get the better of you and drive on.

You may see a homeless person begging at the next traffic light. You feel pity. You want to help, but your wallet is locked in the boot of the car. You feel sorry that you can not help. You feel helpless.

There are many ways you can react to these changes in your emotions.

  • You can ignore the emotion.
  • You can confront the person who caused the emotion head on.
  • You can address the person who caused the change in emotion in an indirect way.
  • You can ignore that person, and discuss your emotion with a friend.
  • You can address you emotion with a complete stranger.
  • Suppress your emotion and contemplate it later on



You can write a song about it!


Here is the chorus from a song I wrote from such a moment:


"In the house of riches she was dressed so fine

Filled with shame for her mother's grime

Trampling on her dress

and she trampled on her heart"

(C) Eric Swardt


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