Sunday, 16 June 2013

From total strangers to ticket buying fans

When you produce a show, you need people to buy tickets in order to recover the costs. I have this little bit of marketing theory for you that just might help you to sell a few more tickets.

My theory hangs on two basic principles; i.e. people need to know about your show, and they need to care enough to buy a ticket.

Take a look at this picture at the left. On the vertical axis, we split people by those who don't know about your show and those who do not know about your show. In the graphic, those who do not know are placed below the horizontal line.

Then we split the people by those who do not care about your show at all, and those who care enough to buy a ticket. They are placed along the horizontal axis - those who don't care goes to the left and those who do, goes to the right.

Easy enough. This gives us four possibilities, or the four zones. We start off with all people in zone A, i.e. they don't know about your show, and they do not care enough to buy a ticket.

The objective of marketing is to mobilize people from zone A to zone D, i.e. where they know about your show, and they care enough to buy a ticket.

People are moved from zone A to zone B by informing them about your show. In zone B we have people who know about the show, but do not yet care enough to buy a ticket. You can move them from zone B into zone D by engaging with them and convince them.

A very effective long term marketing strategy is to move people from zone A into zone C. These are what we can call the "fans". These are the people who care about you and your music enough to buy any new album that you release and will likely buy a ticket to your show. It is good to have lots of fans in zone C. If you have been keeping proper tabs on your fans, all you need to do when your show is ready, is to inform them by sending them an email.

I will talk more about my marketing theory in future posts and show you how this basic idea can help you selling out every time. We will also explore how social media marketing fits into this theory.

Until then!


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