Friday, 1 March 2013

Memories long forgotten

Today we look at a "dream sequence" song. (A name I just made up).

Hugo is confused. What he believed for so many years now suddenly seems to have been a lie. Many of his actions were motivated by this lie.

That night, when he went to bed, he did not sleep very well. With all these thoughts milling through his mind, he eventually fell asleep. His dreams took him back all the years before he left South Africa.

He dreamed about Pamela. He dreamed about the times they were together and the promises he made.

Track: Memories long forgotten

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Album: The Exile, concept album recording

Artist: Eric Swardt



The two of us will be together

and my love for you will be forever

There will be no more tears

and in your heart will be no more fears

I'll be by your side forever

I won't leave you, no never

Please you do not have to fear

for wherever you are, I will be near



Tell me again before you go away

I just wanted to hear you say

You will be back again

and tell me you will never make me cry

Some times we will have to be apart

I know that you are here in my heart

I know you will be back again

Where ever I am you will be near


I promise you


Promise me


I will be back by your side


Promise me you will be back again


I promise you that I will never leave you alone


Promise me


You won't have to face this world alone


Promise me you will be back

Let these fears that bring me tears

melt away and dissapear


Forever through bad weather

we will always stay together


Please remember what you said

Don't forget the promise that you made

Soon all promises made

are just memories long forgotten

Please stay by my side forever

and don't leave me, no never

I know I do not have to fear

Wherever I am, you will be near


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