Friday, 7 November 2014

Grand public preview at the joburg theatre

Have you seen the news?

Yes, we are going public.

When? 16 November 2014

Where? The fringe at the joburg theatre

Watch the video on youtube. There are many snippets from the music of the show. If you like it, you MUST come to watch the whole show! Some - or rather most - of the songs will be heard for the first time in public on the 16th. That means only a selected few would have heard this wonderful cast performing these amazing songs. That is you, and my neighbors who have been listening to us rehearsing these last 6 months!

Also, watch the video and listen to this wonderful opening theme song at

Now for a few secrets!

Let's start with The cast:
Drums: Gideon Meintjies
Guitars: Werner Benade and Gideon Jones
Bass: Andre Liebenberg
Keyboards: Nathan Lowe
Soprano: Camilla Kinman
Alto: Anne Lombard
Tenor: Tedd Croukamp
Baritone: Michael Shane Brownhill

If you recognize a few names, I am not surprised. Every one of those cast members are playing or singing in many other groups and shows. Heard about Protea stage, pubnighters, Scicoustic, Cutting Jade, Dave Mathews band, no rest for the wicked and many more?

More secrets to be revealed soon!