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A son of my own

In the scene leading up to the sixth song on the album (listen on soundcloud), Cathy answers the doorbell. Hugo is a lecturer at the university in political studies, and Cathy is used to Hugo often receiving visits from young students looking for some advice.


At the door, Cathy finds Tyler and Melissa. Without any suspicion in her mind, she show them the way to the balcony where Hugo waits. Besides, Cathy is not one who gives anybody much of a chance to explain anything.


When Tyler gets a chance, he explains the purpose of their visit. As expected, his announcement is met with astonishment. Hugo would at first not believe that Tyler is his son, but after a long explanation he is convinced.


In this song Hugo express his realization that he had a son and contemplates about how different things would have been, had he known about his son before. Most importantly, in the last verse, he express his desire to spend some time with his son and make up for the lost time. Finally he make a commitment to his son that he will stand by him and help him fight his battles.


Track: A son of my own

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Album: The Exile, concept album recording
Artist: Eric Swardt

I always wanted a son of my own
to teach him everything I know
and show him all places that I have seen
I wanted someone who could follow me
someone that I would teach to be
the master of his own destiny


If I knew I had a son of my own

maybe I would have spend time at my home

or maybe I'd made the same mistakes

If I knew I had a son waiting for me

the choices I've made might not have been

as easy as it have seemed to be


Now that I know I have a son of my own

I want him to tell me everything that he's done

and what he plans for the rest of his life

It is not too late to change our destiny

and in the time that's left for me

I want to spend all my time with him


Together we will walk along the streets

Together we will fight against his enemies

and together we will celebrate his victories

More about the song structure:

This song is an example of how we develop character and advance the plot of the story, while heightening the emotion, and reinforcing dramatic action, through the use of both words and music.

The structure of this song is based on the AABA form, but with a twist. The melody, together with the arrangement and instrumentation, builds up to a final climax in the last verse. In order to maintain the momentum towards the climax in that last verse we do not repeat the melody of the first verses exactly, but rather repeat the second part of the verse only.


This is not a standard "verse, chorus" structure, which is so popular in the top 40 charts. No significant part of the lyrics is repeated exactly. The song also steer away from using a "hook" like many popular songs does today, as we do not want to confuse listener. Instead, we keep the focus of the song on the topic at hand by repeating the words "son of my own" in the first line of each verse. In the very last verse, we move away from repeating "son of my own" and repeat the words "together we will" in each line, giving forward motion to the story in the song towards the final climax on "victories".


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