The Exile (The Musical)

The creators

The Exile is a musical with book by Edward Swardt and music and lyrics by Eric Swardt.

The story

The story starts ten years after the first democratic election in South Africa. Tyler, a young man who grew up without a father, learns from his mother that his father went into exile and dedicated his life to the liberation of the country. After the democratic elections, most of the people in exile returned home. Tyler's father, Hugo, however stayed behind in London.When Tyler observes how his mother is being mistreated by her friend, Anthony, Tyler decides to search for his father and bring him back.


Tyler, a young man looking for his father

Melissa, Tyler's friend

Pamela, Tyler's mother

Hugo, Tyler's father

Anthony, Pamela's friend

Cathy, Hugo's friend

Neil, Hugo's friend

Manual, Hugo's friend

Musical numbers

1 Freedom day 2:30 listen about
Anthony & Company
2 Talk about democracy 3:11 listen about
Tyler & Anthony
3 I recall 3:00 listen about
4 Into Exile 3:01 listen about
Singing comes cheap * about
Melissa, Tyler & Company
A matter of import * about
Melissa, Tyler & Neil
From afar *
Neil & Hugo
Matter of import part 2 * about
Manual & Tyler
Fighting from afar *
Manual, Melissa & Tyler
5 I dream 3:40 listen about
6 A son of my own 2:32 listen about
7 Sons and fathers 1:59 listen about
8 A prisoner of your spell 2:20 listen about
Melissa & Cathy
9 I have never 4:18 listen about
A long long time listen about
If you want to go * about
10 Strength to carry on 4:54 listen about
11 Memories long forgotten 2:42 listen about
Hugo & Pamela
12 I'm going home 4:00 listen about
13 A feast to my eyes 2:56 listen about
Hugo & Company
Where did you go * about
Pamela & Tyler
When I needed you * about
Pamela & Hugo
Time for you to go * about
Hugo & Anthony
14 The challenge 2:33 listen about
15 Final confrontation 2:55 listen about
Hugo & Anthony
Give it a chance listen about
Hugo & Pamela
16 I am free 2:25 listen about
Hugo, Anthony, Pamela & Company

* These numbers are not included in the concept album recordingClicking on the "listen" link will open a new window for Soundcloud.Clicking on the "about" link will open a bew window of a discussion about the scene on this blog.

Purchasing info:

If you wish to buy the physical CD, please contact me by email on You can buy the CD directly from me or order it by mail. The cost of the CD is R100 (one hundres South African Rands) or $10 (ten US dollars).I will give you the banking details and after you deposited the purchase amount including packaging and postage, I will mail you the CD. Postage is R25.00 for normal postage to any destination in South Africa. A quote for international postage will be obtained upon request.


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