Friday, 8 February 2013

I dream

In the meanwhile.... Let's return to our story at the fourth song on the concept album recording.

In the previous scene we left Tyler searching for his father, Hugo. Now it is time for us to meet Hugo in person. We have heard much about Hugo. In Freedom day we learnt that he was a hero. In Talk about democracy Tony told us thaat he left us on our own. Pamela then told us how they met in I recall. This is the first time that we give him a chance to speak for himself. He is far away from South Africa, but where is his real home? He faught for the the freedom of the country, but what did he get from it? Is he really free?mdoes he still think about the possibility of going back home?

Quoted directly from the script.*

HUGO sits on the balcony of an apartment, looking out over London, while the sun is setting. CATHY enters.
Are you feeling ill, darling? You ate so halfheartedly.
HUGO stares out at the horizon and the setting sun. He is holding his pipe in his hand, resting on his lap.
It is nothing, my dear.
It can not be nothing if it troubles you so. Is it I? Was it something that I have done? I knew mother should not have come to visit two weeks ago!
I am so fortunate to have one such as yourself, you know? If it weren't for you I would still be lost, all those years ago.
I too, am fortunate my darling. However I know that you have troubled dreams. It may have been I that got you back on your feet, but I am aware that it is not I that keep you here.
And nightmares they will stay if you don't tell someone of it, my darling. Tell me what has troubled you. Show me!

Track: I Dream

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Album: The Exile, concept album recording

Artist: Eric Swardt



I dream that one day I will be going home

I dream I see sunshine every day

I dream I see mountains that reach

up towards the blue skies

I dream of my home

All of my life I fought for the freedom

I fought for the right of the people to be free

but for me that freedom remains just a dream


Every day I dream of my home

I dream of the things I left behind

I still remember the times

and remember the ones I left behind

But here I am now so much time has gone by

I'm in a new place and I live a new life

I am a prisoner of time

but no one can see the rivers I cry


Every day I sit here and I watch the sun rise

Each day I see my life pass me by

There are some days

I feel that I just want to run away

back to my old home

Other times I want to stay here with you

It beaks my heart that I should forget my old home

Take my hand

dry my tears and help me forget


Thirty years ago I started my mission

For thirty years I fought for the cause

Never a moment did I change my position

Never did I ask for applause

After thirty years we reached our goal

After thirty years no one can disagree

Every man can go to the pole

but freedom is worth nothing if I'm not free

* Book by Edward Swardt


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