Sunday, 27 January 2013

A matter of import, part 2

Tyler and Melissa arrives in London. They go straight to the South African High commissioner. Here they meet Manual.

Manual tells them that they had a big celebration party for the 10 year celebration just a few days back. And yes, one of the guests was his dear friend, Hugo. In fact, Hugo still regularly attends their Sunday brunch meetings.

They sit down and Manual tells them all about Hugo and  where he is. He however cautions them not to put hopes on him returning to South Africa. Hugo has a new life in London and seems quite happy.

After almost feeling hopeful, doubt is once again settling in with Tyler. Maybe he should not have been so bold as to come all the way, just to mess things around for somebody, who obviously do not care about him.

Melissa is not unsettled that easy. She convince Tyler to keep going and visit his father. They get the address from Manual.

Will they just open scars best left forgotten?

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