Monday, 21 January 2013

Ghost town

Today I'm going to break the tradition a little bit to make things interesting and post about other shows I am working on besides The exile. I'm also going to give away an mp3 to my blog followers.

I have been asked once: How many musicals do you have inside of you?

Some composers might have only one or two musicals, but for most - we have many. There are all these ideas that we are half working on. In a way it is good, as it gives our brains a break to concentrate on something different when we get stuck on a project, or it seems like a project does not move along fast enough because we are waiting for somebody else to catch up (book writers, producers, directors, publicists, etc)

I am currently working on four shows, including The exile. One of these shows is Ghost town. This one is only in the concept stage, with one concept song recorded, i.e. the Title track, Ghost town. Click on this link to download the mp3, or go to this page to stream. I am particularly happy with this version, which features a great vocal performance by Jeanette.


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