Friday, 25 January 2013

Do you know what is behind the Ghost town?

Earlier this week we've given away a free mp3 of the song Ghost town.

This song is full of imagery and metaphors. Follow the lyrics on our web page (or scroll further down). The song makes ample use of lyrical detachment as discussed by Axeman Jim in his excellent book about songwriting.

Did you you know that the ghost town is a real place? Can you find the clues? It is a place I have visited probably more than 100 times. Easy? How many places have I been to that sports a forsaken beachfront? And with storms pouring violently down? Gee, Grisilda on Point road. Now it is a give away!

Now that you figured out where it is, can you figure out the rest of the riddles? Do you know who or what Samara is? Can you find all the clues? Who is Lilith? The blight? Who are the cave-men and what are the rat-holes?

Ghost town

Music and lyrics by Eric Swardt
(Vocal by Jeanette)

Verse 1
The cave-men are escaping from the rat-holes
The sun is down on this desolated town
Through the mist the lights shine down on no-one
As the storm pours violently down

Verse 2
Ghouls crawl along the forsaken beach front
On point road Merrow performs her rite
A patron talks to Griselda about a quick one
Then sped off into the misty night

Free me from this coast town
Where the gloom will drive me insane
Save me from this ghost town
Free me from this strangling chain

Verse 3
A beast in rags begging on the beach front
For a desperate grit a scrap of food is fine
He will sweat for bread or drinking water
In the blight of fear Lilith resigned

Verse 4
In the dark I can hear the demons talking
With a tongue of people gone and dead
The smell of the dread and loneliness overwhelming
As pictures of my death runs through my head

Repeat chorus

Verse 5
Taking refuge in the corner on a bar stool
Watching Samara play the bass guitar
A barrel of rum is all that I needed
To fall in love with little evils charm

This is not a nightmare, the truth bears down on me
This is not a nightmare, the truth has come to be
How is it that I could not foresee
How did I become a dead machine
Will my future be drowned in sadness
Do I have to stay in this affair
In this life of endless madness
I have to escape this nightmare

Repeat chorus

There are many through this before me
Many martyrs survived this ordeal
All too scared to cross the Red sea
While the kings will have their meal

Repeat chorus

At the break of dawn the skies are dull and cloudy
Slaves face the puke for one more day
A day in hell would be a mercy
As I send little evil on her way

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