Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fighting from afar

Back to our story. Last time that we have seen Tyler, he and Melissa started their search for his father, Hugo. Melissa's dad, Neil, could not help them, but he recalled the good and bad times of the struggle.

If you do not know the story of apartheid, you can read all about it all over the Internet. Wikipedia is usually a good start. Our story is however not a political rant. The part we are mostly concerned about here is the role that those in exile played.

Neil and Hugo went to London, where they joined the struggle movements that were being established over their. Whenever South African visitors came to London, representing the country, the struggle movement organised protest marches. Eventually they succeeded in banning South African sports teams from participating in international events.

The students had lots of fun, streaking unto the rugby pitches, getting painted purple with large water cannons and getting arrested. It all paid off for them after many years in swaying the opinion of general public against the South African government, bringing about sanctions, and eventually democratic elections.

Fast forward. Tyler is still looking for his father. As Neil gives them all these details, it does not give him hope about finding his father.

They decided to take a leap. He now knows that his father is somewhere in London. If you want to find somebody, you will have to go to where that person was last seen. Sounds good.

So Tyler and Melissa get on their crusade. Tyler do not have a whole bag of money, but lucky he knows somebody who can sponsor him.

In the next scene, they arrive in London, but where do they start? Well, that can not be so difficult, can it. Start at the obvious place. Where would ex-South Africans be?

We will find out in the next scene, "a Matter of import, part 2".

Until next time, happy blogging!

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