Friday, 2 August 2013

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PSP.TV Backstage with Michael Brownhill: Interview with Cameron Lawry

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Protea Stage Productions presents


Backstage with Michael Brownhill


MB. Welcome to PSP.TV . I'm your host Michael. Today we will be interviewing our very own director, Cameron. Cameron.


CL. Yeah, well, my name is Cameron. Thank you for having me on the show.


MB. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Ow old are you? What grade are you in?


CL. I'm seventeen. I go to St Dunstan's and I decided on writing a pantomime in December, somI started writing it. I talked to Protea and ja, here we are.


MB. Tell us about your role in the production.


CL. Well, I'm the director, so, make sure that everyone's here. Put everything together. Ja, stuff like that.


MB. And what kind of skills are necessary for a person in your position?


CL. Ja, patience - a lot of patience.


MB. Tell us about the kind of training you had to go through for this role.


CL. Well, I've been with Protea since 2005, so I've picked up a couple of things along the way, and I think it is a lot of trial and error.


MB. And what was your first job in theatre?


CL. Was a chorus members I said in 2005 in Oliver.


MB. D why do you thing theatre is important?


CL. Think theatre is important because a lot of focus is on the sport and stuff like that nothing gets done about the other people in the world. You know, the cultural people. And what will we do without watching TV every evening when you get home going to watch that movie at the cinemas. Ja.


MB. D what is the greatest challenge for theatre today?


CL. I think to get guys to come and act.


MB. Amen. Amen. And would you like to pursue a professional career in theatre?


CL. Yes, I would. I'd like to become a writer and director of film and theatre. Yes.


MB. And anything else you'd like to tell us about?


CL. Come and watch the show!


MB. Thank you for PSP.TV It's Michael. Over and out.

End of transcription.


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