Sunday, 4 August 2013

PSP.TV @ProteaStage interview with Shannon Hancock

Our PSP.TVT host, Michael, presents the second of our interviews with cast and crew of Aladdin and his magic lantern! Earlier this week we had an interview with the show director and writer, Cameron Lawry.

Today we have the first cast member, Shannon Hancock, who plays the role of the genie in the lamp.

Watch out for our next interview with Ruvi Naidoo.

Activity is picking up everywhere, so also wait for some action footage as we have spent most of our Sunday painting the sets.

As it goes with many shows, things will have to change along the way.

One of the things that can change is the name of the show. Our show will from now on be known as Aladdin and his magic lantern! to keep it with the South African flavor of the show.

A number of songs will have to change and all advertising material will have to updated. Be patient and soon all will be done, so while I have lots of work to get all that on the internet, have fun and watch out video!


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