Saturday, 13 July 2013

The role of social media marketing

I gave you an overview of my theory on marketing for musical theater and I told you about our most important target markets, the people who care about us. Today I want to take this further to introduce the concept of social media marketing and its role in this theory.

Please watch this short animated video.

This is the theory about the knowing and the caring. The people who buy the tickets sit in zone D of our matrix.

Most of the 7 billion people on this earth are sitting in zone A.

The object of marketing is to move people from zone A to zone D.

We can do that by informing them about the show and make them care enough to buy a ticket.

Zone D are the place for the knowing and the caring. Zone C are those who care and are likely to buy a ticket, as long as we let them know.

It is easy to let them know, as long as we know who they are and know how to contact them. Some easy ways to talk to them are email, facebook, twitter and youtube.

That is called social media.


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