Monday, 4 March 2013

So much to do - better planning will get more done

In a post earlier I gave a list of all the projects I am working on, which are all work-in-progress. One question that I received was: why is nothing finished yet?

This week I will break my normal Friday-Sunday-Wednesday blog schedule and fit an extra Monday blog in as well. With so many things just going along, nothing ever gets finished. There are some things that have clear deadlines and time schedules. For the rest, if I continue on the way I am going now, I might end up retiring in 10 years with all those projects still in progress.

<rant warning> Another incident on Sunday made me think a little bit. I was really excited to get invilved in a certain project. At our last meeting, a certain person went off for about half an hour about how she needs help and we must get involved. Exited about getting the opportunity to be involved, I pledged my support. She gave me the time and address where I should meet her on Sunday. Well, I waited for almost an hour at the designated place and time without anybody rocking up. Not only did I waste that hour waiting for her, but I had to let my family down who wanted me to spend the Sunday with them. (It just so happen to be my birthday comming up next week and it is family tradition to take everybody to a restaurant for such occation). Later on I found out she gave me the wrong time and I was an hour too early. This is her project and I can not do it without her and her team, so I can not exactly say stuff her and go on on my own. Well, I am still a bit miffed about wasting my time and be disrespected like that. </rant over>

Ok, so this got me thinking. I have so much to do, but I do not get anything finished becauce I am doing too much at a time. I do not have clear goals. If I set myself specific goals and specific timelines for each project, I would be able to get to a point where I can move on to the next project. I have to take control by myself and not be dependant on others who disrespect my time.Unfortunately nobody works in a vacuum, and I will have to rely on other people from time to time, but then at least I must make sure I am in control and if people let me down, I can just move on and get somebody else.

So, let's set priorities. Anybody have any suggestions on what I should finish first?

There is the Exile. What can we do to finish this up? First I must keep up the blog posts about all the songs. That is easy. That part is going fine. I just keep on posting in my spare time. I do not want to change the schedule there. Next there is the question about the songs that were not included in the concept album recording. Some people did ask questions about that and it was suggested that I record them as well. Great idea. I will put a plan together for that.

Next we have Wake not the dead. There are a few songs written, but not yet recorded. Great songs, great story, and besides, I love horrors. Let's add this one to the list as well. Then the Rock fabel. One song in development waiting for feedback. This project is in collaboration with Anne, and I think we must give it some priority as well. Not only do I hate letting other people down, but I can greatly benefit from this both in networking and in exposure. Then we have The nightingale. Some songs written, one recorded. Then there is ghost town. One song recorded. Great song by the way and definitely a candidate for my greatest hits album one day.

Mmm. See what is happening here. Too many things. I must not fall in the same trap. Let's prioritize. Who's got any ideas what should come first? Leave your comments below in the cmments section, or email me, or phone me, or use telepathy to get your ideas accross to me.

By the middle of this week I will come up with some priorities and a rough plan.


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