Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ghost town - the radio mix

Remember the song Ghost town. Well, I thought it was a great song. But, not everybody thought so. I've sent it in for evaluation and guess what the comments was? They thought it is a great song, but it is too long....and the arrangements, sounded "unfinished", whatever that may mean.

So, here is the revised mix.

Ghost town the radio mix.

I did away with all the guitar and sax solos for starters. Then I did away with the second bridge. Two bridges are just too much. And then I did away with one verse and one chorus. What we have now is a song about two and a half minutes shorter than the original song, but still about four minutes long.

By doing away with the extra chorusses and the instrumental parts, the story and the message did not change at all. I thought that the sax solo especially did add to the atmosphere, but in the name of time constraints, that had to suffer.

Doing away with a verse takes a little bit away from the story. I had to decide which part of the story to cut down, so I took away the second last verse. The song still makes up a full story and makes sense from start to finish. Just a bit of storyline now simply does not get told. By doing away with the second bridge, I had to let the message suffer. In the first bridge, the singer realise the real meaning of it all. I can not take that away without loosing the whole meaning of the song. In the second bridge the singer resigns to her fate, knowing that her position is not that special and unique. Even though this is an important message, the song still works without it.

Listen to the two versions and let me know in the comments below if you think I did the song damage.


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